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About Bloom

Bloom Health Partners is the COVID Crisis North Star for corporations and companies of all sizes, designing and implementing programs across North America to meet their unique needs.

We know 2020 has proven to be a year of confusion and uncertainty about the future of our community and workforce. We realized that, in order to create a safe community moving forward, access to accurate information is paramount. That’s why we have combined science, care, and expertise to provide the general public and employers with the most comprehensive COVID solutions on the market.

At Bloom, we’re here to help YOU. Whether that is creating a custom-made testing plan for your workforce or providing rapid results when you need them most.

Testing Services

Bloom offers the most accurate COVID-19 antigen and PCR diagnostic testing options available. When it comes to the health of your workforce, there’s nothing better than peace of mind.

Keep Our Workforce Safe

Our Vision

At Bloom, our vision is to stop the spread of COVID by creating a safer and more informed community and workforce. We implement our vision strategically; with a thorough understanding of the unique needs, risk factors, and data trends of every individual or organization.

At Bloom, our vision is to be distinguished as a key partner incorporate well being by providing organizations with clear, strategic, and effective protocols to keep their workforce safe and functioning.






Your Turnkey Testing Solution

Why Choose Us

Flexible Testing Venues

Our solutions are based on the requirements, location, and unique needs of your organization. Available across North America, we can provide on-site, self-administered, and in-clinic testing options.

Best Testing Methods

Bloom offers a diverse array of industry-leading, innovative COVID-19 testing methods. We offer flexibility in both testing and price options, based on the needs of your workforce.

High Quality & Safety

We employ the highest standards of quality and safety for all of our corporate partners. We follow up-to-date, industry-standard testing protocol and are consistent with both local and national procedures (CDC, HHS, etc.)

Aligned Approach

We believe the best testing approach is one that integrates with your existing organization and industry. Our goal is to empower, rather than disrupt, by creating a targeted approach that works for your entire workforce and company culture.

Continuous Care

To create an effective, long-term testing strategy for your workforce, Bloom offers case management, 24/7 support, and continued reassessment to ensure your organization can prevent the spread for the long term.

Customized Approach

At Bloom, no two testing strategies are the same. Our tailor-made solutions are created with the unique requirements of your business in mind. From small businesses to large corporations, we cater to your needs to ensure a viable solution.

Industry Expertise

Bloom is comprised of a prestigious team of experts who are committed to helping create a safer community and workforce. Our leadership includes a diverse group of proven executive leaders, scientists, legal experts, and strategists.


As we are living in uncertain and ever-changing times, Bloom believes in remaining agile and adaptive to the factors within your organization, scientific breakthroughs, and ongoing needs. We provide a smooth and enjoyable experience through efficiency and peace of mind.